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Kaina be PVM
656 EUR
3 128 PLN
Kaina be PVM
656 EUR
3 128 PLN


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Gamintojas / modelisbattery snow blower stiga st 700 ae 4.0 ah
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Kaina be PVM656 EUR  (3 128 PLN)
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Vidinis prekės Nr.2S1500108/ST1
Bendras svoris1 450 kg
Kita informacijaWhat do you associate winter with? We definitely enjoyed snow and frost, joyful fun in the snow. However, or only? Unfortunately, an inherent element is also snow removal
and sometimes a lot of back pain. Certainly, after heavy snowfall, at least once you had enough snow removal and fighting to be able to leave home to work in the morning and not bury yourself in the snow. Fortunately, times are changing, producers meet our needs, thanks to which we can enjoy the winter season in a more pleasant way.
The Stiga
company has introduced a sensational solution to its offer - battery snow blowers
! These products are certainly user-friendly, emission-free, without the need for mains connection, ensuring clean and light work.
The Stiga ST 700 AE
snow thrower in a set with a 4.0 Ah battery and charger is a sensational machine that will certainly bring you a lot of satisfaction from work and save back pain after removing snow. It is a very easy-to-use and compact product. You can easily remove snow from the terrace or pavement, without having to struggle with a snow shovel.
Economical work! This machine has a brushless efficient motor, while the dual battery system allows you to use one or two of different power - from 4 to 7.5 Ah. The set includes one battery with a capacity of 4 Ah. The snow thrower
itself monitors the power consumption and battery charge status in order to achieve the maximum operating time.
The Stiga ST 700 AE battery snow blower
was designed with convenience, comfort and economic, pleasant work in mind. It is equipped with a transport handle, thanks to which you can easily transport the machine to a designated place.
What does working with the Stiga battery snow thrower look like? After charging the batteries, put them in the snow thrower
and then the fun begins! The snow
thrower throws away the collected snow at a distance of 1 - 6 m. However, the width of the rotor itself is 50 cm. We have the ability to control the direction of snow discharge thanks to a deflector that is adjustable in the range of 180 degrees. You only need to turn the handle, which changes the angle of the outlet chute. It is important when working close to the building, at gates or fences, thanks to such regulation we will collect snow exactly where we want.
In winter, short days and poor visibility will not prevent us from clearing snow, because our machine is equipped with powerful LED headlights that ensure safe work and good visibility.
Versatility? How it's possible?! The Stiga
series of cordless devices
was created with the intention of using one battery for many devices. Thanks to this, after the end of the winter season, you can hide your great, irreplaceable, compact snow blower in the garage, where it will not take up much space, because it has a folding handle, while the battery can be used for other garden machines! S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek
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Mascus Lietuva svetainėje galite rasti [Other] battery snow blower stiga st 700 ae 4.0 ah kita aplinkos tvarkymo technika. Kaina [Other] battery snow blower stiga st 700 ae 4.0 ah yra 656 € gamybos metai -. Mašina randasi - Lenkija. svetainėje Jūs galite rasti [Other] battery snow blower stiga st 700 ae 4.0 ah ir daugiau kitų modelių kita aplinkos tvarkymo technika. Išsamesnė informacija - Vidinis prekės Nr.: 2S1500108/ST1, Bendras svoris: 1 450 kg