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Kaina be PVM
692 EUR
3 299 PLN
Kaina be PVM
692 EUR
3 299 PLN


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Gamintojas / modelisStiga combi 55 svq b powered petrol lawn mower
Mascus ID33C165EC


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Kaina be PVM692 EUR  (3 299 PLN)
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Vidinis prekės Nr.294557828/ST1
Kita informacijaStiga mowers are
characterized by exceptional durability and modern design. They are equipped with modern technologies ensuring excellent performance. They are suitable for both beginners and advanced gardeners, each machine allows for comfortable work and perfect cutting. A wide range of models allows you to find the perfect one, just for your garden.
The Stiga Combi 55 SVQ B powered petrol lawn mower
is equipped with a powerful and reliable 161cc Briggs & Stratton 750 petrol engine. The speed controller that is present in this machine (variator) allows you to comfortably adjust the speed of work according to your needs. The cutting width in this model is 53 cm, and the cutting height is centrally adjustable in 5 positions from 25 to 80 mm. Such advantages allow the mower to work even on larger areas up to 2000 m2.
That's not all! The Stiga Combi 55 SVQ B mower
is equipped with 4-in-1 functions - what does this mean for you? You can choose how you want to mow and what you want to do with the mowed grass. If you want to mow quickly, you can choose to discharge the swath to the side or to the rear. However, if you prefer perfect cleanliness, you can choose the function of collecting the cut grass into a large, 70 L basket with a filling indicator. A very interesting and increasingly popular method is the mulching option with the use of a plug. The grass fragments are trapped under the deck and shredded, and then thrown with great air force onto the lawn. The grass decomposes over time, which is a natural fertilizer and fertilizes the soil.
Cub Cadet cares about your comfort! Modern technologies and the improvement of equipment are the strengths of the Stiga
company. A solid steel housing, ergonomic shape, thanks to which narrow aisles are not a problem, and the rear-wheel drive will definitely facilitate the work and ensure greater comfort of mowing. The mower
has large wheels to protect the grass while providing a better track. Equipping the machine with double-row ball bearings allows for trouble-free movement over unevenness.
And after finishing work? The housing cleaning system will allow you to clean the internal part of the device in a very simple way. By connecting the garden hose to the quick coupler located on the mower housing, you will get rid of dirt and your mower
will always be like new. The foldable handle will allow you to store the mower, avoiding taking up a large area.
Are you interested in battery mowers? Check out one of them! Stiga Collector 548 S AE battery-powered lawn mower set S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek
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Mascus Lietuva svetainėje galite rasti Stiga combi 55 svq b powered petrol lawn mower kita aplinkos tvarkymo technika. Kaina Stiga combi 55 svq b powered petrol lawn mower yra 692 € gamybos metai -. Mašina randasi - Lenkija. svetainėje Jūs galite rasti Stiga combi 55 svq b powered petrol lawn mower ir daugiau kitų modelių kita aplinkos tvarkymo technika. Išsamesnė informacija - Vidinis prekės Nr.: 294557828/ST1