Vaizdo įrašai [Other] 建丰 JF-QT3-28
Vaizdo įrašai [Other] 建丰 JF-QT3-28
Vaizdo įrašai [Other] 建丰 JF-QT3-28
Vaizdo įrašai [Other] 建丰 JF-QT3-28
Prekių grupėBetono akmens klojimo technika
Gamintojas / modelis建丰 JF-QT3-28
Registracijos metai2017
Papildomos galimybėsNaujas/nenaudotas
Technikos darbo vieta中国
Mascus ID1A0178BB
Kaina be PVMPOA
Gamybos šalisKinija
Pristatymo sąlygosFOB
Kita informacijaIntroduction to the company:

Tianjin city Jianfeng Hydraulic Machinery Co.,ltd was established in 2000 which is located in Economic Development Zone of Ji County city in TianJin of China. Our culture soul of cultivating talents, guided by the standard, the brand for life, to develop a relationship with service, making profit for the customers. We don't forget my old friends, continuous reform and innovation, make the world's first, make a greater contribution to human beings. With big production, medium-sized series baking-free brick machine, unburned AAC block machine ,We set research , development, production, sales for the integration of the standardization of the enterprise.We are the one of the most powerful hydraulic machinery manufacture in China.Our aim is make the customer profitability.

Since established the company ,we persist on develop the technology of the brick making machines ,we have a progressional team on technology and project management guided by senior engineers made up with engineers.Technicians,on-site project mangers and a team on machine manufacturing with more than 600 members.Currently.Our company sets up in numbers of offices in major cities and exports the products to Angola,Nigeria,Kenya,Oman,Mozambique,Laos,Vietnam,Albania,Russia,Mongolia,more than 30 countries and has established production we also establish long -term friendly cooperative relations with the countries in Africa and India and other countries,while in Angola,we establish an overseas production base our products are popular among domestic and overseas customers thousands of customers benefit.

In the continuous development of enterprises on the basis of the company to create a positive,Jianfeng machine brand, adhere to the integrity development let the customer profit business philosophy as the core strategy ,adhere to the good faith to build credibility ,the pursuit of higher quality, management concept,formation of learning ,innovation,the pursuit of progress common development enterprise culture.

We will provide improved,real high-quality equipment to the customers with more pragmatic, more excellent quality,more comprehensive pre-consultation and more proactive services,It will be helpful to the construction machinery industry in China.To

strive for the customer to achieve greater wealth.


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  • 李晓丹

    • +86 ...RODYTI
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    • 天津蓟县开发区立交桥西50米路南, 天津, Kinija



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Mascus Lietuva svetainėje galite rasti [Other] 建丰 JF-QT3-28 betono akmens klojimo technika. Kaina [Other] 建丰 JF-QT3-28 yra - gamybos metai 2017. Mašina randasi 中国 Kinija. Mascus.lt svetainėje Jūs galite rasti [Other] 建丰 JF-QT3-28 ir daugiau kitų modelių betono akmens klojimo technika. Išsamesnė informacija - Gamybos šalis: Kinija, Pristatymo sąlygos: FOB